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The Earth is Under Attack

In no uncertain terms, the world is being terrorized by forces beyond the control of the majority of humanity. Pollution threatens the air, the water, the soil, the very core of our living planet. 

The 5 Holy Custodians

Thankfully, the Earth is not defenseless. Decades ago, the planet summoned five children from around the globe, each with a sacred destiny: to come to the aid of all living things. 

As is often the case with prophets and avatars, each of the custodians was rescued from dire and cruel circumstances by their righteous purpose. They were selected by mysterious fate to make manifest a glorious and regenerative future. 

Together, under the tutelage of a wise benefactor and with their magic rings of power, the holy custodians trained for one purpose: to meet all threats to the planet head-on, and to defeat them. They are:

  • Water — Tabitha Lupescu (Transnistria)
  • Air — Lee Min-Hee (N. Korea)
  • Earth — Eudes Muamba (Congo)
  • Fire — Levi Hoch (America)
  • Soul — Janu (Tibet)

Through their rings of power, they can each commune with their specific element, controlling the very nature of reality. When all else fails and the odds look bleak, they can join forces to summon the champion of the planet to come to their aid: Gaia Man.

The Final Fight

Now adults, ten years since their last disastrous mission, the custodians of Earth must reunite one last time to face the greatest danger the Earth has ever witnessed.

It will not be easy. Myriad vile forces have convened to hinder their progress and threaten their lives. Despite the odds, and with the help of old friends, the guardians of Earth will gather their significant prowess to take a stand against the forces of evil.


Gaia Man is the first in a duology of books, based loosely on a beloved children's cartoon show from the 90's: Captain Planet and the Planeteers. Gaia Man takes the general mythos of the series and spins it on its head, playing with more adult themes and situations. The book postulates that any group of magical children tasked with protecting the planet would inevitably find themselves labeled enemies of the status quo, and asks the question: what would they be willing to do to get the job done?

246 pages. 50,460 words.

FOR MATURE AUDIENCES. Contains adult language, situations and themes


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